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A Collaboration Platform

Helping Agribusinesses

- Bundle Customers
- Connect Large Territories
- Streamline Communication

Break down the Silos & Bundle

Alliance just helps you sell more!
Increase internal referral opportunities
Decreased price sensitivity of the commodities you sell
We aren't changing the way you sell. We are enabling you to sell more by easily collaborating with partners to bundle services.
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Alliance - Agribusiness - Collaboration on Wheat
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How does Alliance tear down silos for Agribusinesses?

Quickly create and send opportunities
Send warm leads to another vertical
When you discover a new lead opportunity for someone within your Alliance, you can quickly create and share this opportunity with them right inside the app. Boom, that’s how Alliance tears down silos!
Leads Nearby in Frame_Agribusiness

No more duplicate work.
Focus on building relationships.

Because of the large territories covered by those in sales, it is hard to keep updated on the stops that territory sales pros make. 

Alliance keeps all of your conversations logged in one place and tracking your days is made easy.
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