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You have been pre-qualified for our Design Partner Program!
This program serves to identify qualified teams who are looking for a custom-built solution to help streamline their sales process and remove common pain points such as:
  • Disorganized communication with both internal and external partners which prolongs the sales cycle
  • Inaccurate data inputting that leads to uninformed business decisions
  • Time-consuming repetitive tasks that reduce selling time

Your Custom Sales Execution Platform:

Creating an alliance between your tools, people, and AI for a more productive workday.
Alliance streamlines your daily workflow into one platform.
Based on your internal tools used, we custom-build an AI Ally to allow your team to automate repetitive tasks.

Why Sales Teams Love Us

We focus to make work simpler, smarter, and more meaningful for sales teams.
Why Field Sales Reps Love Us
Shorter Sales Cycles
When all communications between leads, partners, and internal team members are in one place, it's easy to communicate quickly with accurate information.
More time to sell
After sales calls and client meetings our Allies in the field can make quick updates to the CRM, and get back to what they do best.  Less time in the CRM and more time selling and building relationships.
Why Sales Managers Love Us
Eliminates Micromanagement
With automated tasks and CRM updates, managers have accurate data without micromanaging sales reps.

Become A Design Partner Today

"Alliance" is more than a name.
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